Wednesday, August 31, 2011

OP is a faggot

Let's go for the basics:

  1. programming
    1. on the cheap
    2. with a scalpel
  2. the fundamentals
  3. tool knowledge
    1. kiddies represent!
    2. to the left a touch, bill
    3. a penny for torvalds thought
  4. development environment
  5. exploitation
    1. buffer overflows
    2. format strings
    3. heap linked lists
    4. oversight
      1. unsigned int overflows
      2. Web 2.0 nonsense
      3. XSS
      4. SQL injection
  6. oGODwe'reNOTonLINUXanyMORE
    1. Welcome to operating systems that people use
    2. x64, sex, life, and you
    3. how other people make your life SUCK
      1. ASLR
      2. DEP (rop rop rop your boat)
      3. non-executable stacks
      4. being a dick 101
  7. post-exploitation
    1. priv+
    2. ze rootkitz
    3. metasploit POWER
    4. fucking with people
  8. defense (for DC20-CTF)
    1. jailing 101
    2. deflect their pwns
    3. fuck with their pwns
    4. reflect their pwns
    5. it does the same thing's NOT
  9. black magic
    1. voodoo.chickens(SACRIFICE)
    2. ???
that's my game plan, so far.  I'll try and hit the programming, theorycrafting, and some of the tools today.

Where to begin?

Recent developments in my life have precipitated a need for a massive consumption of information regarding computer security.

In short, I need to learn how to hack.

But, I've found a complete lack of useful guidelines to follow.  So, I created this blog to show the path that I am taking, so that others can be helped by it.  And I need some accountability such that I actually work hard on this.

disclaimers are for white hats, so <insert cliche Matrix quote> here we go...